Wednesday 20 June 2012

2o Bellalugosi Line - Verte!

"What colour do you paint your Toads?"

"Why, green of course."

I have gone with the traditional Green Todaroni skin colour, but with a wide variation in hues. I have tried for dark green on the older Toads and light or even bright green on the younger ones.

In total I have used more than half-a-dozen pots of green paint, ranging from an almost black/green base on the officer to a bright pea-green on young Kermit. The full range includes; Foundry Forest Green 26A, Foundry Forest Green 26B, Miniature Paints Deep Bronze Green, Vallejo Model Color Gunship Green, Vallejo Model Color USA Uniform and Warzone Venetian Green.

All colours have been washed with either GW Green wash and/or Blue Wash, while some of the lighter areas have been highlighted with Badmoon Yellow and even some Skull White/Badmoon Yellow mix.

The Black areas have been 'touched-up' prior to taking these photos.

I think the contrast in hues is best seen with this pair of Toads; Dark Green on the trooper and Light Green on Kermit.

Having got the skin colours finished - I now have to decide on a uniform and facing colour, as usual more to follow.


1 comment:

Rob Alderman said...

Eyyy! Missa Tonio! They'sa look fantastico! That'a leeda, he av'a da strong green skin eh!

Looking great Tony, can't wait for more updates. :)