Tuesday 19 June 2012


The plan was simple. Sue and I were going to drive to St. Johns, Worcester and have a snack lunch and short walk before coming home to watch the football. On the way into Worcester we passed Shed-r-Us the wooden out-house manufacturer of my shed at the bottom of the garden. 

"I'll just check if they have any spare panels and how much they cost?"

Five hours later and I've stripped the shed - there was some rot at the very back of the shed - the area where it fits into the corner of the garden, cut out the rot and fitted these new panels and uprights.  Total cost £16.00, but our day out has been cancelled and now I am looking forward to a relaxing bath to ease my aching back!

I cut out the rotten panels and both screwed and glued 2inch x 2inch wooden battens to the base and uprights. I then cut the lapboard planks and nailed them in place.  I should paint them with preservative, but I can't face that job right now.

Here is a close up of the repairs. As you can see there is some minor damage to the floor, but I am hoping that once it is painted it will last for another 13 years. Yes the shed/summerhouse has been in place for over 13 years. it was bought for me by my Wife and children for my 40th birthday.

Here is an image of the painting station to the front of the shed. Usually it is much more cluttered!

Normal service will be resumed shortly.



Fire at Will said...

T'was always the way, the best laid plans upset by random thoughts. I've just noticed that the roof on our garden shed is showing signs that probably mean a leak. I'm going to try and ignore it and hope the weather gets better lol!

Paul O'G said...

At least you had a great outcome of the revised day out plans! My cancelled day outs tend to not be nearly as productive :-)

Anonymous said...

No plan survives first contact with the enemy... What did you expect! ;-)

Larry Wood said...

Nice idea in renovating the defected area... Keep it up...!