Monday 25 June 2012

2oBellalogosi Line - Finito!

Actually, not completely finished as I still need to paint the bases, varnish and flock, but at this stage the main painting is done.  I have also included an image of the hand-painted flag which was firsts sketched in pencil and then painted with standard acrylics on a sticky-backed postal label.

Photo One - The command group, officer, standard bearer and Kermit.

Photo Two - The troopers, or at least some of them.

Photo Three - The standard or regimental flag. Inspired by some images I found on the internet and painted with standard acrylic paints.

I have still to decide on what type of eyes I am going to go with - slits or dots?


1 comment:

Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

Oh! It has to be slits! Just like Baron Greenback.

I look forward to seeing them flocked, based and in front of one of your signature Valon buildings, then they will be finito.