Saturday 9 June 2012

A Single Elf Grenadier

Earlier this month I was chatting to a work colleague about the modelling projects I was working on and we got to compare miniature manufacturers. After a couple of minutes I started to speak about my Flintloque collection and Mike said that he had a couple of sets in the attic - some French!  The next day he brought in a box containing a full set of based and painted 1er Velite Grenadiers (5103).

I don't own that many Ferach (as regular readers will know) but I do have this single figure from the very same set. picked up second-hand some years ago. The figure is not totally unique, but does have some interesting features worth pointing out;
I tend to paint my Armorica Elves in a very pale skin colour with black hair and this is one of my more extreme painted Elves. Secondly the figure is based with DAS modelling clay as at the time I didn't have any Milliput to hand. The base has stood up well during this time and shows no signs of wear or damage.

With hindsight, I think the blue of the uniform is too light, too much Royal Blue rather than Dark Blue and the Red looks a little washed-out. Maybe one day I will get around to buying and painting a set of 1er Velite Grenadiers it will give me a set of Ferach to set my Orcs and Dwarves against!


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