Monday, 18 February 2013

Almark Focus On booklets.

Earlier today Sue and I decided that we would have the morning in Worcester. The weather over the last few weeks has been so bad that we have not wanted to go out. However with bright, glorious sunshine and cloudless skies, today was the perfect opportunity to go window shopping, plus we needed to pick up some supermarket food.

As I was chatting away to the guys at Games Workshop, Sue was browsing the shelves at the local Oxfam book store and picked up this pair of Almark Focus-On booklets. At just £1.99 each Sue thought she would pick up both for me.

When we met up again, I was overjoyed to see these as I have been watching Modelling Techniques No. 3 on e-bay, currently going for £8.99 plus postage!

Both booklets have new-to-me illustrations and photos so I will enjoy reading through them later this evening.

Both booklets are card bound with 36 colour and black &white illustrations, very much in the style of early Military Modeler/Battle.

No. 1 Painting and Detailing Military Miniatures and No. 3 Dioramas & Scenic Settings
written by Bryan Fosten & Roy Dilley
were published by Almark Publications in 1977
ISBN no. are;
0 85524 281 7 for Painting and detailing.....
0 85524 293 0 for Dioramas and.....
Both has a publishers price of £1.50 each.

Thank you Sue.



Anonymous said...

Nice to know I can still get a book that you haven't got stored in the garage, shed, attic.
Think I am way ahead of you with building up the brownie points, hmm what shall I cash them in on.....

lrqan said...

Wow what a find.