Friday 22 February 2013

Flash Gordon in a Power Suit - part five

At long last - some paint!

Photo One - A simple Black undercoat.

Photo Two - The base Dark Blue, from GW, drybrushed on with a large brush.

Photo Three - The Blue has been refined and highlighted, while the White areas have been built up over a Light Grey (Skull White over Stonewall Grey).

Photo Four - The White has been further highlighted and I have added some Red detailing, Blood Red over Scab Red with some Hot Orange highlights.

Photo Five - The Flesh area painted in. The Flesh was built up from Snakebite Leather, the Red areas Blood Red over Scab Red and the gun is Metallic Silver over Chaos Black.

Still lots to do, but in one painting session, most of the coloured areas are now nearing completion.

I think the Hi-Viz Blue and White are less military than some of the colour schemes I have seen for this miniature (see earlier post). The inspiration came from a very old White Dwarf, a Traveler scenario with space suit clad heroes searching through a derelict hulk.


1 comment:

Colonel O'Truth said...

Excellent work so far!

Isn't it great the way a coat of paint brings all the parts together to make one coherent creation that no longer resembles the bits and pieces used to build it?

Well done. Looking forward to the final piece!