Saturday 16 February 2013

Flash Gordon in a Power Suit - part three

Progress continues. It is rare for me to detail how I build up my 40mm Flash Gordon bases, I prefer to just state that I have used cork and Milliput. With this model I took lots of work-in-progress shots so though I would use them.

Photo One - I mounted the metal robot casting onto a piece of 1mm thick plastic card to raise it up on the premium 40mm plastic (lipped) base. I have used superglue and accelerator. 

Photos Two, Three and Four - Broken cork (from a wine cork) was first sliced and then broken up before being glued into place at the front and then the back of the miniature.

Photos Five and Six - The groundwork was then built up with Milliput (Fine White) keeping the broken edges of the cork free. I use a spear-shaped sculpting tool, keeping it moist to avoid 'pulling' the Milliput.

Photo Seven - The feet of this particular robot were rather short or club-footed. I have built up the soles of the feet with more Milliput. At a later date I will build up the foot to extend forward.

You can also see that I used Green Stuff to blend in the neck of the Sky Elf to the chest of the robot.

I have used slips and slivers of plastic card and plastic rod to add surface detail to the armoured suit. these were superglued into place.

This months On-line build has been moving forward at a 'snails pace'. I am never-the-less confident that I will be able to finish it before the end of March.

More to come.


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Jay said...

Very nice walk-through of the conversions to this trooper.