Wednesday 13 February 2013

These are a few of my Favorite Things

My 1000th Blog post! I thought I would indulge myself, so here are a few of my favorite things.....

Flash Gordon from Graven Images, sculpted by Jim Bowen. The first of my 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures and my favorite single mini.

In second place was Ming from the same collection, a tough call as Artimis in third is also a great figure.

I have a metal Artimis, and like so many projects. I will get around to painting her one day.

OK, I'm indulging myself again. The Princess Julianna Regiment is my favorite miniature group, it was sculpted by me and is sold by Alternative Armies as a Limited Edition Unit. The regiment is named after my niece who passed away some years ago.

The Revenent Elves from Foundry came a very close second. With Zomie Smith's Quar coming third.

Now for a surprise. My favorite game - is it Flintloque, Aeronef, or even Pax Bochemannica? No - it is without doubt Early or Old School Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This is the game and edition that I have my fondest memories of playing and therefore it takes first place.

Oh Boy, now I'm on a role. If I could have just one gaming magazine it would be another GW publication - White Dwarf. I have written on a number of occasions that I do not like the later editions, but I just cannot get rid of my 'Golden Age' WD's.

While I am on my Pro-Games Workshop soapbox. If I was to choose a single paint manufacturer it would be Vallejo Game Color, with GW/Citadel Metallics, the old black-topped pots, not the newest version coming an equal first.

My favorite brushes are Rosemary & Co series 401 - the sable mix and I prefer the long handles.

My favorite Forum is The Notables - the official Flintloque Yahoo site and my favorite Blogs (the ones I visit most frequently) are Bleaseworld - Steve Blease's general Blog (he has others), Big Lee's Miniature Adventure and Joe Videki's painting Blog/Web page.

My all time favorite airplane model could easily be a Spitfire, a Vulcan, the Phantom F4 or the BAC Lightning - but just for the sheer Wow, I would choose this Ju 87 Stuka. The artwork is just mind blowing and one day I will get around to building it.

Now for a bit of fun. My favorite sweet. It just has to be Jelly Belly jelly beans.

And if I was ever lucky enough to win the lottery, as well as a more practical family car, I would just love a Morgan three wheeler.

My 1000th post, I hope you enjoyed reading about just some of my favorite things.



Steve said...

1000 posts - wow! Love the blog Tony, keep up the great work!

GJD said...

Congratulations! Always enjoy reading the blog. More strength to your brush arm.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even get a mention as one of your favourite things,you are not earning any brownie points,especailly after your little mishap with the PETROL!!!

airhead said...

Congratulations Dampf, a great achievement, keep up the good work. Looking forward to your pictures from WMMS.

All the best


Tea in Thailand said...

Favourite child? Favourite dish your daughter makes? Favourite vegetable at Christmas dinner? Where are all the important favourites?! :P xxx