Tuesday 12 February 2013

The 999th Post

That's right - the 999th post on this Blog, just one away from that Grand total (pun intended). So what do I post? More Flash Gordon More Terrain Building, A Painting Article or a look-back at the last four years of Blogging?

No my 999th post is a warning, actually a story of what happened to me yesterday afternoon, while returning home from an appointment in Bromsgrove, Worcs.

As Sue and I were approaching Webb's Garden Centre, just off the M5. I decided that I needed some diesel and pulled into what I remember as a BP garage. The garage has changed ownership and is now a Shell station, no problems - just no Nectar points!

Having put just £20.00 in the tank, Sue waved to me saying that I had just filled up with 4 Star, "Don't be stupid, why would I have done such a silly thing."

While paying I asked the clerk, "Petrol, or Diesel?"

"Petrol, Sir." Was the reply........

Two hours later, the tank drained, a bill from the AA for £216.00 and then (to add insult to injury another fuel bill - as you should fill your tank after such an accident - to stop petrol vapours in the fuel tank) another £55.00.

Nearly £300.00 spent on a simple mistake.

And in case you are wondering, yes I am feeling sick!

So no modelling, no painting, no post full of images, just a warning. Be careful when filling your car the next time you are at the petrol station.

If the same should happen to you - DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES START THE ENGINE!



Rob Alderman said...

Jeez! One mistake, it does happen though.
Sorry to hear it was so costly!!!


Karitas said...

My partner did this about six weeks ago, similar price tag.

It's upsetting, but it's easy to do. I was reflecting on it only last night, we have two vehicles one petrol and one deisel, so youve really got to watch it, especially now with the stations pumps being inconsistently branded.

Brandlin said...

You might have got away with just pumping as much diesel as you could into the tank after the £20 of petrol. You might have got a petrol to diesel ratio of 1:4+ that's just about ok.

As long as you weren't running on fumes, ie there was still diesel in the fuell pump.

Tony said...

The AA man did say that it is better for the engine and easier to clean out if the engine is not run.

He also said that modern diesels will not run properly is a mistake - filling with Petrol is topped up with Diesel.

I can remember (many years ago) my first diesel car would have petrol added to a full tank of diesel to help with 'waxing'. In fact it was recommended. However this practice should not be done on newer diesel cars.

Thanks for the support. I think I needed it.


Anonymous said...

So glad it was you doing it and not me and I am sure I will get some 'mileage' out of this mistake with you feeling so annoyed/daft/guilty at wasitng money and me so calm about it all :P
Love ya
Sue x

Lasgunpacker said...

Ouch! Here in the States, most gas station have their diesel pumps either seperate or with a different handle (or both), but then we have hardly any diesel cars.

Too bad about the £300 and looking forward to the 1000th post!

Mad Padre said...

Sorry to hear this mate. Good advice about not starting the engine if one makes that mistake. Thanks for sharing that tip.

Paul´s Bods said...

Been there and done that...except I filled a diesel tank with petrol :-/ Expensive learning curve.
Still, congrats on the 999th post.

airhead said...

Congratulations on your 999th post, sorry about the content!!

All the best


Tea in Thailand said...

Just remember to be patient with me when I do this or something equally silly when I move home!
At least it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Love you lots xxxxx