Friday 18 July 2014

A Raised Grain Store for Pax Bochemannica

Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe has posted another one of my 'scratch-built' models produced for the Fantasy-Romano game S.P.Q.Orc - Pax Bochemannica. For details of the full article/tutorial go to this link.

The simple structure took less than a day to build and would be an ideal model for the beginner to tackle. Similar 'starter' models are featured in my book Building Wargame Terrain - for details go to this link, while more detailed tutorials (more advanced) will be included in my second book More Wargame Terrain - details of which can be found here.

Book two is due to be launched in the next couple of days. I have arranged for a short re-print of book one. Details should be posted very soon.


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Joao Sousa said...

2142Less than a day?! Wow, that is fast! Lovely work, as always and very characterful piece!