Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Caroll Rule or Translateur Universel

Sue and I found this piece of drawing equipment in a small charity shop in Henley in Arden yesterday afternoon. We had decided that a day out to Nuneaton was in order and on the return, we took a detour through Henley and Stratford on Avon.

The Caroll Translateur Universel is a very well built rolling ruler with brass fittings and variable angle drawing arm. As you can see the rule came in its original packaging and with a single page information sheet - I don't think it has ever been used.

I have done an internet search for details, but apart from a couple of French and German e-bay entries, there was little to find.

I have already used it to sketch up some model plans, and look forward to doing more. The important question is; How much did I pay?

Just £2.00. A real bargain.



Sue Maddex said...

Hi Tony
I have just come across one of these Caroll rulers at a local carboot, but I have no instructions at all. Is there any way that I could get a scanned copy of the ones you got with yours ?
By the way, I got mine free from some house clearance people who were getting rid of everything at the end of the day. I didn't realise there were instructions so I didn't look for them amongst the boxes of other junk.

Hope you can help

Sue Maddex

Tony said...

Hi Sue,

I have scanned the instructions. If you e-mail me at;
dampfpanzerwagon@yahoo.co.uk I will send you copies.