Monday, 14 July 2014

The Chains of Albion by Edwin Thomas

Here is a short review of the second book by Edwin Thomas in the three book Martin Jerrold series. The Chains of Albion.

Details of book one - The Blighted Cliffs can be found here and here.

Book two - The Chains of Albion sees Captain Jerrold in command of a prison hulk filled with French prisoners of war. When on of those prisoners goes missing Jerrold's life is turned upside-down and the search for the prisoner takes him across most of southern England in a twisted web of intrigue.

The Chains of Albion was the first book in this short series that I bought, actually picked up in a local charity shop, however I bought book one from e-bay and read that first (see earlier post).

I have enjoyed reading both, with The Chains of Albion, being a sort of 'Who Dunnit', Boys Own Adventure and Period Romp all mixed into one. I would recommend both as a jolly good read.

The Chains of Albion by Edwin Thomas
Published in 2004 by Bantam Press
ISBN: 0-593-05065-7
Recommended selling price (hardback) £12.99 - I picked up my copy for just 50p


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