Sunday 27 July 2014

My Fink Regiment - part four

Progress on this group of eight Finklestein Dwarves moved along quite quickly - updates have been slow due to the Pre-Launch of More Wargame Terrain, for details go to this link.

The image above shows most of the painting finished, while the one below was taken just prior to varnishing.

I varnished the whole group with Ronseal Tough Coat and then Galleria Matt Varnish.

Then flocked the bases with some static grass.

All finished?

Not quite.

I was intrigued to see some finished models over on The Notables Yahoo Group, in which there was a pet pug.

Never one to ignore a good idea, I ordered a small Dragon off e-Bay (a Wizard's Familiar). This diminutive miniature was mounted on to a 1p coin and the base built up with Green Stuff.

The base was further textured with some sand and then painted Chaos Black.

The skin colour was built up from Blood Red and Bad Moon Yellow. Sorry about the poor quality of the images - this is a tiny figure and does not photograph well.

Painting progressed.

Then varnishing.

And finally flocking.

Here you can see the 'pet' Dragon, the regimental mascot alongside two of the Finklestein Regiment.

Finally, yes, really finally, here is the full group of 8 Dwarves and one pet dragon based on my olde school uniform, our breast badge was a dragon.

I hope you have enjoyed this On-Line Build. I have.



Christian said...

Ha ha, the school uniform scheme is a great idea. I will most certainly pinch that idea.

The dragon is a really nice touch.

Any ideas for effects of mascots/familiars in game?

Tony said...

The Dragon was a great deal of fun, but at this moment, I don't have any firm plans for how to play this addition in Flintloque.

Maybe someone else can come up with some stats.


Gaming Through Gauze Wrapped Milky Eyes said...

Excellent stuff to be certain. I suppose I'll have to kicj my own blog in the butt and get stuck in as I finished my undead division army pack a couple days ago and really need to showcase them.
I'd say a mascot would be a 1 wound, 4 steady creature with maybe MAYBE a breath weapon equivalent to a Ferach Dueling Pistol that acts with the special abilities of a standard bearer. That's off the top of my head.

Unknown said...

Nice to see they have a proper Red Dragon for a mascot Tony,not one of those soppy green ones :)

BrummyLad's World of Painting and Gaming said...

Absolutely brilliant. You're an inspiration to us all :-)