Friday 17 April 2020

Flintloque Regiment Lowland Dwarves - part nine

I've enjoyed the challenge of painting up these Flintloque Dwarves and now the little project is nearing completion.

I was recently asked "Why eight miniatures, why not more?"

I'm not sure - I think that over the years eight has become my 'go-to' number of miniatures to work on in one sitting..... I know I have done more and less figures, but it always comes back to eight - in fact I would prefer to paint up two blocks of eight than a single batch of sixteen - strange I know but never-the-less a fact. I wonder if I am alone in this?

Back to the metal miniatures and as you can see the main change has been the beards. I decided to vary the colours and not have ALL the Dwarves with the same colour beard choice. In addition I have 'tidied-up' the Shako's and painted the backpacks, again in a variety of different colours.

Hopefully I can get these little heroes finished soon, very soon. In the meantime Stay safe.

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling.


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Jangodot said...

Hi Tony,

I'm enjoying watching these unfold. I've found eight figures is about my happy medium when painting groups too. More can feel like a drag and less like I'm not making so much progress into the lead/plastic pile! Does vary though. Thanks for the updates.

All the best,