Monday 20 April 2020

Sanding boards/Sanding sticks

Lockdown has meant I have much more free time than usual. I've spent a day tidying up the shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden and reorganising my workspace.

One of the changes I have made is to add some upturned wallpaper to my workbench - an idea that I first saw on a You Tube tutorial site. It allows me to have a new. clean work area at the change of a piece of paper.

I have also updated my sanding sheets (these are glass cutting boards with abrasive paper attached with double sided tape). I first removed the old sandpapers and cleaned the glass before adding fresh abrasive paper over double sided tape.

Image one

The new sanding plates and one sanding stick.

Image two

The largest on the cutting boards - actually a Brabantia glass cutting board - this one with two different sanding sheets attached to one cutting board.

Image two

Another glass cutting board - this one with 3M's abrasive paper 240 grit.

Image three

A glass shelf (a toughened glass shelf) with Tamiya fine abrasive paper also attached with double sided tape.

Image four and five

A wooden ruler with two different sand papers/abrasive papers attached, the lower image shows the reverse.

The sanding stick will be used like a file or emery board, the boards will be used to sand items smooth. I like to have a variety of different grits for different projects.

Stay safe

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


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