Wednesday 8 April 2020

The Chapel at Rofenburg - part six

The very distinctive roof caused me some ‘head-scratching’. I first cut a rectangle of mounting card to act as the base and then built the roof up in sections. The first roof slope – a shallow roof onto which I added a second roof – a little steeper and finally a third – steeper still to give the distinctive ‘pagoda’ shape.

These first three images show how the three roof shapes were glued on top of one another. The roof was built from mounting card and card from the back of an artists sketch pad. I used superglue, PVA glue and my hot glue gun during construction.

However I was not satisfied with the shape – thinking it looked a little top-heavy and I have added ‘half-hipped’ ends. The next three images show how these were constructed from card and glued in place with my hot-glue gun. The joins have been smoothed out by adding DAS modelling clay applied over PVA glue.

More to follow, but for now stay safe and

Keep Calm and Cary on Modelling


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