Thursday 2 April 2020

The Chapel at Rofenburg - part four

The simple chapel building was glued to a piece of 3mm thick plastic card which had been cut into a rough oval and had the edges chamfered and smoothed. I used DAS modelling clay (applied over PVA glue) to 'bed' the building into the groundwork and added a step to the front from a piece of thin blue foam.

I had also sanded the walls again and although it is difficult to see in these images, I have glued the chapel to the base with a 3mm spacer in between the base of the chapel and the plastic card base. I find that this helps with the 'bedding in' process and stops the building looking like it has been just placed or 'plonked' on to on the base/groundwork.

One other point of note is that when applying DAS to a plastic card base I find it prudent to first 'score' the surface of the plastic card. I believe that this helps the DAS to adhere to the smooth plastic card but as I do this on most of my buildings and usually apply some PVA glue as well - I'm not sure if this process is necessary. However I would still recommend both scoring and PVA glue to anyone attempting to build wargame terrain and following these techniques.

Once again stay safe.

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


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Bluewillow said...

Nice work Tony, yet to use my Das clay, purchased some to make some rendered walls on my upcoming castle project