Saturday 16 April 2022

No Time to Die - a quick review

No Spoilers

Last night, Sue and I watched the latest Bond film - No Time to Die, staring Daniel Craig. We had been looking forward to seeing the film since it's delayed release back in 2021, but ultimately we were both very disappointing and would go as far as saying it was one of the worst Bond films we have watched.

I won't go into the story or plot line, but will say that I found it confusing and badly put together with a story line that was, at best amateurish and badly written. I long for simple narrative film scripts with a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end that is well acted and has a natural flow. No Time to Die has none of these and is a mismatch of storylines that fails to both entertain or captivate. In the end, I found it a chore and would not recommend it. As an aside, I have recently watched the TV series The Ipcress File and would compare these two series/films as Chalk and Cheese.

There were some good set-pieces and obviously as it is a Bond film, chases, but even these couldn't rescue this poorly put together film.

I have read that Craig has said that this will be his last Bond appearance and feel after a good series of action packed films he has let himself down with a poor performance. If this is the LAST Bond film, I think the franchise has also let down fans and film-goers with a very poor film experience.

I look forward to comments - and views of other who have watched this film.



Simon said...

We have not watched this yet, mainly through lack of interest. We heard it was also trifle ‘woke’ which puts us off as well, be8ng classic Bond fans. Think we will wait until it’s free on normal TV. Cheers for the review, it’s what a lot of people are saying unfortunately.

Simon said...

Well we just watched the last Bond film on Amazon Prime. It’s an ok action film, but not really a Bond. Not sure I would watch it again, it starts off well though. I thought the Ana De Armas character was good, but she is only in the film for a short time.
Not sure I would buy the film, and I have all the other proper Bonds. At the end it says James Bond will be back, not sure where they are going with that.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Watched it on Prime too - no spoilers here but the ending was pretty cataclysmic.. I think DC was absolutely right to bow out when he did, as both wife and I thought he was looking a little "old".. as for the film I'd give it a 7/10 (against a 9+ for Skyfall or Casino Royale), plot was fairly straight forward, the wrinkles came with the human angle... I would say worth watching, but not one I will want to watch over and over..