Friday 29 April 2022

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 119 - Building Hedges

Issue 119 (April/May 2022) of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy has the third of a three part series on how to build linear structures for the wargame table. The first article,  Building Stone Walls, appeared in issue 117 while part two Building Wooden Fences appeared in issue 118. This time it's Hedges constructed from scouring pads. In the images below you can see and example of the stone walls, the wooden fences and the scouring pad hedges.

None of the techniques are groundbreaking, but they have been fun to put together and write about - I would hope that the simple examples would inspire others to build their own wargame terrain. For more information, see the magazine.



Anonymous said...

I like your buildings, but hedges? This is why I no longer buy wargames magazines. I have seen this many times before.

Tony said...

The series was intended as a starter or primer for those who were new to the hobby. I have to admit that I do enjoy buildings and larger structures more, but just occasionally it is refreshing to do something different. As an aside, I recently visited a model shop in Monmouth, Wales and saw some superb scratch built hedges which I have been tempted to copy, so even I can find inspiration from the simple hedge!

As far as magazine buying is concerned, I very rarely purchase magazines at full price preferring to search them out in charity shops and museums. I'm lucky in that I receive complimentary copies of magazines that my articles appear in and now have quite a collection of old magazines in which I have been included.

Thank you for the comment - it made me think about what subjects I should include in future articles/tutorials.