Tuesday 12 April 2022

Two More Wands

Following on from my earlier post I have had more fun modelling these two new wands. The first was made from an African Ebony carved spoon with lighter wood and resin inlays in the handle. This one is more Classical with a lot of Fantastic Beasts influence. There is a wooden dowel running through all of the handle and the chrome finale is a polished nut found in my tool box. the carving on the resin infill was copied from a Harry Potter wand.

The Ebony wand is 14 inches long.


The second wand is much more rustic. It was a plain stick picked up by my grandson when we visited the local park, I started trimming the bark away with my penknife, but later used my modelling tools to get a better finish. I have left the natural bark on the handle and trimmed it at a slight angle(as seen in many Harry Potter wands). The handle was finished with acrylic varnish and the shaft and handle were later polished with natural wax.

The Natural Bark wand is 14.5 inches long.

It's difficult for me to chose a favourite between these two as they are so different but I can confirm that they were great fun to make and finish.


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