Wednesday 20 April 2022

Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - Easter 2022 update -part two

As the good weather continues and I'm able to get into the back garden, I have been doing more work on the narrow gauge railway layout. As well as more definition to the rock outcrops, I have added a plywood and MDF fascia to the sides and front, this fascia was both glued and screwed in place and then filled and sanded. 

I have used even more DAS modelling clay to fill any gaps and re-contour areas where the ply or MDF meets with the groundwork. I will still need to add additional texture, but this can wait for now.

The rear tunnel portal has been further detailed with balsawood and scrap wood additions. I still need to do more, but for now, I am pleased with the initial result.

This image, shows how the rear tunnel portal has been built and finished. The cliff area above the portal, will need additional rock features added.

The next big project is to build a better rear to the layout. My plan is for most of the rear of the layout to be enclosed with just a central area giving access to the engine storage and main unloading dock.

Hopefully, I can get at least one more day of modelling later this week.


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