Sunday 9 July 2023

A Fireless Narrow Gauge Locomotive in 1:35th scale

This is the first post in a new Narrow Gauge Railway thread - building a Fireless Narrow Gauge Locomotive in 1:35th scale and running on 16.5mm track.

It all started some months ago when I was looking at some old narrow gauge railway magazines and saw a model of a fireless locomotive (an engine that uses stored steam and super-heated water to power the cylinders rather than a firebox fueled by coal, wood or oil). Later I found a black and white image in the Plateway Press book - Narrow Gauge Railways - Two Foot and Under by Leslie S. Robertson (published in 1988). I did ask for help from a number of sources hoping that I could acquire some scale drawings, but when none were forthcoming, I produced my own, based on the image on page 57 (see below).

I'm not pretending that these drawings are accurate but with nothing else to go on, I think they will do for now. The plan is to use a Hornby 'Smokey Joe' mechanism and scratch build the boiler and cab from plastic card so stay tuned for more updates.


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Heisler said...

Nice! That will be a fun and interesting build!