Monday 3 July 2023

OSO Salt Wagons - part four

The OSO SALT lettering was done with some white Letraset rub down letters and the weathering was finished with oil paints and weathering powders.

The models and the pale blue colour scheme were inspired by an OSO Salt salt tanker that I saw when we first moved up to Droitwich Spa. The weathering is more military modelling in style and finish, but I like it and it fits in well with the OSO Salt layout being a little run down.

The final image shows the two salt wagons ready to be positioned on the 1:27.7 (or 11mm = 1 foot) diorama layout and in preparation for the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association exhibition last month.



Codsticker said...

The light blue of the wagon siding looks great with the rusted trim- great little wagons.

Tony said...

Thank you.

I'm planning on including some images of my earlier OSO Salt 7mm narrow gauge wagons soon.

These were also painted in the light/sky blue colour with rusted metal, but slightly less well weathered.