Wednesday 26 July 2023

Fireless Narrow Gauge Engine - part eight

I have now added couplers. I chose the Hornby NEM Medium Close Coupling Pack - R8267. In addition, I have given the loco some more weathering and a couple of decals from my 'spares box'.

The engine is mounted on to a simple wooden base with PECO 'Crazy Track O-16.5 as I still have to model/make a 1/35th scale layout!

Finally, in a piece of perfect 'Murphy's Law' and just as the model was finished. I was sent an e-mail with some photocopied scale plans of this very engine - thank you. The new re-drawn (1/35th scale plans) are on the right, while my original plans are on the left. there isn't much of a difference, but enough that I might just make a second engine one day.

Once again, thank you for the new plans.


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