Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Flintloque Buildings Set part five

Even with the freezing weather, I have been able to produce the first roof section. These three photos show the main building which was roofed with a section of resin roof tiles. The resin section was cast for me earlier this year by Dave at Grand Manner. It was produced by me from hundreds of small plastic tubes, cut in half and stuck to a section of thick plastic card. In theory the cast sections should have been easier than scratch-building each roof. In practice the amount of work required in tidying up and the wastage makes the whole project very prolonged and wasteful.

Once the resin sheets were cut to size, they were sanded to shape and glued together with superglue. The ridge tiles were glued on and then blended-in with some watered-down filler and uPVA glue. There is still some 'tidying-up' to be done, but even from these rough photos you can see the progress so far.

The next stage on this particular building is to start texturing the walls, plastering them is typical Spanish or Portuguese fashion.



Rob Alderman said...

Looking good, I look forward to seeing the finished piece.


Cronickain said...

They look really good.