Friday, 18 December 2009

Flintloque Buildings Set part four

These two photos show progress to date and although I have also started modelling the roof sections (individual Spanish-style pantiles) these is not shown.

In terms of style and size nothing has changed much since the initial sketches and the production date of February 2010 is still on plan.

For anyone seeing this set of posts for the first time - I am building a set of three Flintloque themed buildings which will be cast in resin by Grand Manner and can be used either as separate structures or linked and modelled as one (see earlier posts).

I estimate that the cost of the full set will be no more that £70.00 and please remember that the plan is for it to be a Limited Edition short-run set.

Should you have any queries, suggestions or like to order a set please contact me at;



Rob Alderman said...

I would love to get some, but £70 is far too dear for me.
Shame it is a limited run as I would have loved some for my FLQ collection.

Tony said...

No problem Rob. I am aware that £70.00 is too high for some, but it is the MAXIMUM it will be. I will have confirmed pricing when the models are a little more advanced and I can properly price it.

I would hope that you will continue to enjoy the updates and progress.

Finally - I have taken your advice and Gavin has agreed to supply pieces for Foul Mouth Freddie. I'll be sculpting over the Xmas period and hopefully the VLE miniature will be seen in the early part of next year.



Rob Alderman said...

Hey Tony.

I will see what I can do. Your buildings are bloomin lovely. I just have to live on a student amount of money and I owe more than I have!

Of course I will enjoy seeing where it goes. Still put me down for one and we'll see how i all pans out. I'd love to see a Spanish style bell tower for Sharke based scenarios.

That's excellent, I look forward to buying him!
Gives you a chance to redesign him beyond your original as well so that you get a truly personal version as well!
I too am sculpting over the xmas period. There's also some stuff being cast up in January. Not definate on when it will be released, but of course, I can't really say what they are!

cheers mate!