Tuesday 29 December 2009

What I had from Santa

There are many modelling posts detailing the various gifts and surprises that Santa brought this Christmas. Not to be out-done, here is a jewelers vice/grip that my daughter bought for me this year. (Bought from Hobby Craft).

The vice is a hand-held grip for holding various pieces of jewelry and watches. But is equally valuable for figure modellers. The large screw to the right - moves the jaws further or closer together and the metal pins allow figure bases of different sizes and shapes to be held firmly. In addition the wooden handle can be unscrewed and the smaller vice can then be held in a standard bench vice.

I have yet to use the vice for modelling, these two pictures were taken using a finished Flintloque Dwarf, for scale purposes, the miniature is mounted onto a UK 2p coin.

Other modelling project 'pressies' this year include Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future part one, Predators Gold by Philip Reeve and White Dwarf.


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Anonymous said...

Can you provide some more information about this product? I'm having trouble locating one (no links or brand names included in the post), and it looks perfect for painting miniatures. Thanks!