Monday 28 December 2009

Flintloque Buildings Set part seven

The three main structures are now completed, just some additional detail work and basing to go.

For those who have followed this project - you will know that the plan is to produce a set of three Flintloque based buildings that can be used independently or combined to make one larger building. In these four photos you can see how the parts can be brought together and used to produce different terrain pieces.

The roof of the main building is completed (see earlier posts) and the other roofs are in the process of being finished. I plan on mounting each finished and cast resin building on to small square bases, allowing them to be combined or modelled as one permanent feature.

The progress over the Christmas period has been slower than I had planned but the production date of February 2010 is still very obtainable. The plan is for these to be a Limited Edition release, with lift-off roofs and internal detail.

The questions I still have are;
How much internal detail should I model?
Should I include 'clutter' to the outside - adding interest, but cutting down on the ability to produce different variants?



Rob Alderman said...

Looking wonderful there mate!
I would personally suggest perhaps no clutter, for the reasons you suggest.
However, clutter would make them wonderful pieces.

I would do these without clutter, see how popular they are. Based on that, the next ones (should you do a next one) could be more specialist and therefore more cluttered.

However, the choice obviously falls on you. Personally, I'd be trying to pick up a set or two and cluttering them up myself with bits and bobs from Antenociti's Workshop...


Tony said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the suggestions. This particular set is really for me, if it sells - all the better, but with all the commission work and in different scales - I just wanted to get back to my Flintloque collection and produce something for myself.

So far I still need a little bit more pre-production interest before I can commit to producing the moulds (the most expensive part in terms of material).

I would hope that other similar buildings will follow. In fact I already have some sketches - which if all goes to plan will also interlink with this initial set.

Clutter is always a difficult decision on a cast resin building as, if I was building this for myself I would 'clutter-up' all of the sides, but for a cast piece this is less desirable as stated in my post and your reply.

The Large Farm House (see earlier posts) is also at Grand Manner and I would hope that it would get cast in 2010. If not I intend mounting it on a skirmish terrain board for use with the 40mm Eureka Musketeer miniatures (once again see earlier posts).

Still, so far the On-Line build is at least causing some comment.