Wednesday, 16 June 2010

English Electric Lightning in 1/32nd scale

Regular Blog followers will know that I enjoy following a site called Aircraft Resource Centre or ARC, a site that features the construction and painting of model aircraft. Last week (Tuesday June 8th) there was a feature by J. B. Wolstenholme showing his 1/32nd scale EE Lightning. The initial article featured photographs of the finished vacuum formed kit, but there was also a detailed On-Line Build article that showed some of the very best modelling techniques I have ever seen. I have included a link to ARC, see;

Plus a separate link to the 27 page, On-Line Build that took over two and a half years to complete. Give yourself a very special treat, settle back and enjoy this quite breathtaking article by a true master. For details go to;

I hope that you enjoy the link. I did.


1 comment:

Pablo J. Álvarez said...

It's really a great work.
I have the 1/32 trumpeter kits.
But this is a Faraonic proyect.