Friday, 18 June 2010

Privateer Airship

In amongst all of my on-going projects and work commitments, I occasionally find time to finish a model! This is my latest 1/300th scale Space 1889/Aeronef model - an airship based on an illustration on page 11 of AERONEF by Steve Blease and Matthew Hartley. The sail-airship which is named Justus and No.5 was in turn based upon a miniature Zeppelin (with the tail now pointing forward) and some plastic card.

I have painted the body and sail plain linen and used a sponged finish to try and get the worn fabric finish. The transfers are mainly 1/48th scale WW1 French aircraft markings with some Games Workshop and she flies the Martian flag of convenience (the Texan, Lone Star) which is used by many privateers.

This second photo shows work-in-progress, sorry about the poor quality!

Finally we have a complete shot of Justus mounted on to a Games Workshop 40mm plastic base, but still without a nameplate. I am still to decide how to name her. (The Sailship, or The Privateer Justus).

The model, in a part finished state has sat patiently on my workbench for well over a year, this week, while listening to the World Cup on my digital radio, I finally got around to finishing it.

The Aeronef is 140mm long and 60mm tall, from the bottom of the cabin to the top of the mast.



Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Great,good finished.

Unknown said...

This is a brilliant model, I love it! The transfers make it.
Check out my blog, I am a novice at this and I really love some of your stuff.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Don't know as how the Republic would like our flag being used as a 'convenience.'