Sunday, 13 June 2010

Greek Temple in 28mm/40mm

Here is a photo of the finished and first resin cast of the Greek Temple from Grand Manner. The model was designed to be used with either 28mm or 40mm Greeks or Romans, the miniature alongside the temple is a Spartan Miniatures 40mm Greek Argonaut. The Temple is available from GM for the very reasonable price of £72.00, a price that included both the damaged statue (to the left) and a shrine (which can be seen inside the temple, for historian amongst you, in Greek Temples the statue would have been inside the temple and the altar outside!) For more details go to;

The temple master was designed by me earlier this year and progress on this and the rest of the 28mm Greek models has been detailed over on my Dampfwerks Blog. The initial inspiration came from this illustration in a children's book.

This photo shows the finished master, again photographed with a 40mm Spartan Miniatures Argonaut. The model is 215mm long, 170mm wide, 200mm tall and is constructed with a one-piece, lift-off roof. Although designed to be used with 28mm/40mm miniatures, I would have thought that the temple could just as easily be used with 20mm/25mm/28mm/40mm models, I think there would be difficulties in using either 15mm or 54mm figures alongside it, but if anyone wants to try - please post photos.

There are plans for an alternative and more detailed base, which includes steps and a cave. In addition I have produced over a dozen 28mm Classical Greek models for GM, all of which should be cast in resin within the next couple of weeks. The range should increase to include a Ruined Temple, the alternative Temple Base (see above) and various pieces or Greek themed models, including Ruins, Buildings and even a Greek Ship.

I will post additional photos once the castings are available.

When launched at Partizan earlier this month, The Greek Temple proved to be one of the most popular pieces, with Dave selling all but the display model!


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