Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Grand Manner Medieval Buildings painted by Captain Blood

Following on from my earlier post - Beautifully painted Perry WOTR and Grand Manner Buildings, Richard (Captain Blood) sent me these additional photos showing the same two buildings from the Grand Manner Medieval Town Houses set that I had originally sculpted. Thank you for sharing them.

The whole range of building from this set are built and planned to be inter-changeable and linked to produce Medieval street scenes, however these photos prove that they can just as easily be used as individual buildings. For more details please check out;

I am sure that you will agree - they are very well painted and staged. I think I will have to model a small photographic background scene in the same way that Richard has, so I can photograph my figures and models, rather than just a plain light blue background that I use at the moment.


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cianty said...

Very cool! I discovered the new medieval buildings from Grand Manner rather recently and I really like the looks and style. They would probably mix well with my Tabletop World stuff. It's great to see proper colour photos here and - more importantly - photos with miniatures for scale reference. Not to mention the houses look great this way!