Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Talos the Bronze Robot - part eight

With Talos completed, I just couldn't resist posing a photo of him alongside this 40mm Flash Gordon Miniature for comparison. Both are mounted on to 40mm round bases. The Ming Officer figure is a conversion of a 40mm Flashing Blades Spartan/Greek with legs from Graven Images and arms from the Foundry Sky Elf.

This second photo shows my ever growing collection of Pulp Robots, from left to right they are; Dick Garrison/WSD by Bob Olley, A modified Legionnaire from Hydra, The Tomb Maiden from Warmachine/Privateer Press, Talos, a modified Salute 2010 Presentation miniature and The Dustbin Robot from Captain Chaotica (and others), a sculpt that was produced by me for the Jim Bowen/ Graven Images Collection.

You can never have too many Pulp robots!



John Lambshead said...

Great collection. I do love pulp.

inrepose said...

Nice Models, you now need a Robbie to make the set. I think Black Cat bases do one.

Jess said...

Love your pulp bots. Where could I buy the Dustbin Robot. I have been looking for one like that for a long time. Rattrap makes one that is similar but I like the one you showed. Thanks for posting on the TMP.

Tony said...

To Jess,

The Dustbin Robot was available from Monolith Designs as part of the 40mm Cliff Hanger Range.

Unfortunately this site and web page are not working at this moment. Sept. 2011.

You could try;