Monday, 16 August 2010

Barking Irons issue 2 - update

I received my copy of Barking Irons #2 this weekend. My only disappointed is that I have already read it from cover to cover (some articles twice). The full list of contents are already available at the BI Blog, see;

I have already posted that I have one article included in issue 2, another Modelling Masterclass detailing some of my conversions of the Obidiah Hogswill miniatures, but my favourite article is The Dirty Arf Undred or King of the Hill story and scenario by B. Dyer and G. Syme. A two player scenario pitting a stranded group of Orcs against some well dressed Ferach Cavalry. I particularly liked reading the detailed backstory and character notes, Flintloque is very good at individualising characters and miniatures to give them real personalities. I think this is why I enjoy the system so much, it makes painting up characters so easy, much better than rows of faceless and 'ordinary' toy soldiers.

Issue Two was somewhat delayed, but well worth the wait and this specialised hobby magazine goes from strength to strength. For anyone thinking about picking up a copy, I would recommend ordering NOW, firstly for the jolly good read, but secondly to support such a brave venture at this time.


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