Thursday, 19 August 2010

Clay Shapers Modelling tools

For some time I have used this Clay Shaper (sometimes called a modelling brush), it has a soft silicone tip and is used like a brush or sculpting tool when modelling with either Milliput/Green Stuff or DAS modelling clay. This particular brush/sculptor has seen better days! I was bought from Hobby Craft (Droitwich). Full details are;
Colour Shaper by Royal Sovereign Ltd UK No. 2 Taper Point.

Earlier today I saw this Modelling Brush Set for sale in LIDL (a discount store in the UK). The set of five clay shapers are being sold for just £1.99. I quality terms I would say they are just as good as The Royal Sovereign model, however the tips or nibs are about twice as big.

This photos shows the Royal Sovereign and Lidl shapers alongside one another.

And here you see a detailed photo of the tips.

The packaging states that the brushes feature silicone tips and birch wood handles with chrome plated copper sleeves.

At just £1.99 for five they must be worth a gamble.


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Tony said...

Since writing the initial post - I can confirm that I have now used the Clay Shapers to work with DAS modelling clay and they work fine. They are a little more flexible than the Royal Sovereign tool, but they work fine.

In addition following comments on different sites, I have been able to purchase two additional packs for posting off to readers who have not been able to find the tools in their local Lidl.