Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hartwell Tavern in 28mm

Here you see a painted example of Hartwell Tavern, the resin model from Grand Manner which was originally sculpted by me. For more details see;


This is the first example of a painted model that I have seen. It was painted by Dave Bodley of Grand Manner to collectors standard. The American Continentals and Minutemen were miniatures lent to Dave for a forthcoming photo shoot and the photos were taken on my dinning room table.

These final two photos show some of the internal detail. When I was building the master, I had detailed views of the front and left hand corner and believed that this was the best side to view the model from, however seeing a finished model, I am now not so sure and enjoy viewing the buildings from all sides. Dave has done a fantastic job of painting this model.

The model comes as either two separate buildings or as a (very) detailed set which includes, walls/fences, sign and well.

I would expect similar images (actually better images) to be uploaded to the GM site very soon. Dave is planning a photo shoot showing off this and other 'new' GM models very soon.

I hope you like them.



grumhelden said...

Those look fantastic!

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

I knew Ive seen your name before...awesome work

Ubique said...

Those are stunningly good looking models.


Tony said...


I have just seen the composed and fully decorated scene that Dave (Grand Manner) has produced for his professional photo set. The building and surrounding terrain looks fantastic. Fully dressed with trees, troops and stone walls.

I am sure these new photos will appear on the GM web site very soon.