Friday, 6 August 2010

Swansea Castle

Here are a couple of photos of Swansea Castle which I took some months ago. Although now a dangerous ruin, the walls have a number of interesting features that are worth recording.

For more details of the history, check out;

I think the last two photos are the best for showing actual stonework, very haphazard and great for modelling inspiration - particularly the plants growing out of the cracks!

And sorry about the raindrops on the lens, well it is Swansea after all!



Admiral Drax said...

Jeez - that stonework looks more intact than the walls of my cottage!

SteelonSand said...

Whose retarded idea was it to plant that high rise BT endorsing tower overlooking this particular piece of planners- dontcha just hate 'em?

Nice pics, though!

Warren Zoell said...

I love your building studies. Makes for good resource material.

Tony said...

Thank you for the comments. At first, I was not sure that these studies would be interesting enough to include on the Blog, I regularly use photographs (both my own and from the net) to help improve my modelling skills.

I have hundreds of similar studies and will try to include some more in the future.