Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Old School Model Trees

I came across this this 'Old School' comic book article on making model trees from wire and flock. This is exactly the technique that my Grandfather used to populate his HO OO model railway layout over forty years ago! I felt that it was worth saving and sharing. I have in the past, used a similar method to build some wargaming trees using lichen for the body of the trees. More often than not I tend to purchase used model trees and re-base them for use on my table.

Tucked away in my ever-increasing reference library (the garage or attic) I have an Eye-Spy book on identifying British Trees, it is great for giving basic information when modelling toy trees.


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SteelonSand said...

Excellent find there, and some useful advice on the whole 'using real tree parts to make realistic looking trees' thing... I swear by the old cones from the Alder tree....