Monday 9 May 2011

Alfred Taylor House, Worcester - part two

Back in January of this year I uploaded details of the beautifully restored old building in the St. John's area of Worcester. At the time I used a 'stock' photo culled from the internet, but here are some that I took earlier today.

Photos One, Two and Three - Show the building from the main street.

Photo Four - is the rear of the building.

Photo Five - Shows some of the exposed beam work, be aware that a lot of the re-build roof uses new timbers.

Photo Six - Is of the stone fireplace with decorative paintwork.

Photo Seven - A real treat, this image is of the wall painting in one of the upstairs rooms. I was very privileged and lucky to be allowed to photograph this particular image. As you can see the painted plaster image is protected by a glass frame.

As stated earlier this is a return visit to this building, - actually set of three adjoining buildings and this time with my camera. I hope that you like the photos.


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