Thursday 26 May 2011

Timber Framed Building - Warwick

These photos show a couple of timber framed buildings that I spotted in Warwick last week, both are in the same street and are situated between the main town and Warwick Castle. Of particular interest are the decorative wooden frames, although once again, I find the stark Brilliant White of the in-fill panels a little too much.

It looks as if the in-fill panels have been insulated - having a modern foam or heat barrier materials below the plastering, you can see this as the in-fill panels stand to regular and proud of the frame. Given that these are both lived-in, it makes sense to make them as heat efficient as possible.

Regular readers will know that if I have my camera with me I usually find some architectural item of interest - it drives my Wife crazy!


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DJ Kettlety said...

Always looking out for these sort of photos, doing some timber framed models at the moment. Thanks for sharing. I took a few photos in Lincoln last year, I'll try and share a few this week.