Sunday 15 May 2011

The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers - A film?

I have written about this book in earlier posts and will just add that this is, in my opinion one of the best Fantasy novels ever written. I recently read over on The Miniatures Page (TMP) that it may be made into a film, see this link

On the one hand I should be excited and pleased. In truth I am filled with trepidation and dread, as 'Hollywood' has a knack for making complete hashes of these great novels. I am tempted to not see the film and recall the images the book has given to me - my own mental images. Which are always so much better than other peoples!

There is a very good review of the book over on Wikipedia however I would recommend not reading it and instead - searching out the book and having a great read.

Full details are;

The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers
Published by Del Ray Books, but easily available via Amazon or e-bay
ISBN 0-345-430816


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Tea in Thailand said...

I still haven't read this. Better had!