Wednesday 25 May 2011

Timber Framed Building - St. Johns, Worcs.

This is another Timber Framed Building in St. Johns, Worcester. It is situated on the main road into St. Johns and is next to the large CO-OP store. Although my heart wants it to be original, there is no doubt that there has been extensive renovation, maybe even a completely new-build. Never-the-less it is a beautiful representation of a traditional timber framed house.

I particularly like the false mullioned windows and the stone work/brickwork on the ground floor and entrance. there is little to be seen of the rear and I would hazard a guess that it was a condition of building the new superstore (to the left) that a reproduction house was either renovated, moved or built.

It has a frontage of 3mtrs. (aprox.) For better photos, please 'click' on the images.

For modellers, it gives an insight into the building techniques used and the colour of the beams is very inspiring, less so the brilliant white infill panels, which would have been coloured lime wash.

The series of photos is taken from the South side of the road and in a pattern from West to East or towards Worcester town centre.



Ubique Matt said...

Interesting looking building. I may have to wonder across the river next time I visit the city.


Tom said...

Eep - I used to know a guy who rented a room in that place. Or it may have been his girlfriend. He was a bit of a stoner so who I recall it was just one large room upstairs and a couple of rooms downstairs. It's certainly a nice building squeezed between two modern constructions.

Tom said...

I knew a guy rented that house. One big upstairs room and a few little ones on the ground floor.

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