Friday 27 May 2011

Games Expo - Birmingham, 3rd - 5th June

I intend visiting UK Games Expo on Sunday 5th June. For full details of the event please see this link

This will be the third, maybe fourth time in a row that I have attended this event and would recommend it to all gamers. The show tends to concentrate on Games rather than Wargames or Miniature Manufacturers, however there is usually loads to see and definitely loads to do as there are dozens of participation games for you to try out.

The event opens at 10.00am on Sunday and I would expect to be there early and 'make a day of it.' It would be great to meet up with any followers or like minded gamers and have a cup of coffee.


I am not planning on bringing any of my models or figures, however if any one would like to see a specific piece, I will load it into the car.

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