Monday 23 May 2011

Stone Barn an on-line build, actually an on-line paint!

This particular model barn is well over 15 years old, maybe even twenty years or older! It was built when I was still experimenting with DAS modelling clay and has served me well over the years. Some time ago I re-mounted it onto thick plastic card and built up the groundwork with the intention of re-painting it (hence the black/dark brown basecoat). Since being undercoated it has been stored in the attic, unloved and gathering dust. I think it is time I painted it!

The construction follows what was usual for me back then; a card base and internal strengtheners with sculpted DAS stonework and roof tiles. There is some foam foliage up the walls and over the roof, but in summary the building is 90% DAS.

It is quite a large structure, 400mm long, 100mm wide and 130mm tall. It was initially built to accompany my Orcs Drift gaming miniatures, which shows how long ago it was built.

For now, here is the undercoated barn. More to follow.


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