Friday 13 May 2011

Dwarven Spirits - a short story

Following a comment by me over on The Notables, Craig Andrews has uploaded a short story of mine at Barking Irons Online. The 'themed' or 'Framed' story uses the tried and tested mechanic of the same opening paragraph, in this case set in a small Tavern called the White Liar and then allows the authors to develop a simple plot or story line. For more details go to this link I hope that this story frame inspires others to try their hand at writing.

This Photo shows six of the seven Dwarves that are featured in the story.

The story follows a Dwarven survivor of an Ogre attack in the woods of Diberia. The original story was intended to be a 'filler' in the background and regimental history of The Princess Juliana Chasseur Elite Regiment (see earlier posts) but was 'pulled' as that story was already too long. I am pleased that I was able to include it as a separate short story here.

I have written two further short stories, the first will be published on BIO later in the year, but it is interesting that the third has developed into a 'full-blown' story and scenario or gaming seed. More information will be published here once I have further details.

I hope that you like it. I really enjoyed writing it.

Further details can be found here



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Also featured on TMP. See;


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