Friday 17 August 2012

Cyprus Trees - my latest Modelling Masterclass

Craig Andrews of Barking Irons Online has just uploaded the latest Modelling Masterclass, an article written by me showing how I modelled a set of three Cyprus Tree bases for my Flintloque-themed gaming terrain. For full details go to this link.

Photo One - Shows Bombardier Bedford pointing out some feature or other on the new piece of terrain and gives an impression of just how tall these Cyprus Trees are.

Photo Two - Shows the three terrain bases, four trees finished.

Another one of my 'simpler terrain Masterclasses' which were written in reply to a request by both Craig and Gavin Syme at Alternative Armies. I hope that you like it. Total cost just £1.50 for all three bases.

Regular readers will know that it is my intention to write a book on 'How to make Wargaming Terrrain' and I would welcome any comments relating to this article or any of the earlier ones I have done as to how they can be improved. Is there any information that I have left out that you - the reader would have liked included? All comments greatly appreciated.

I am hoping that the next Barking Irons Online post will include the final part of Headless Zombies. I know that Craig is currently testing out the game mechanics. Craig likes to play the scenario a couple of times before uploading the scenario.



Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

This was a nice little terrain article. Well written, nice pictures and so on.

I think if you wished you could add more images with arrows or numbers on them demonstrating method at each stage. This would give some extra help. But for a book, it is very good as it is.


PatG said...

Great trees - off to read how you did it.

Pablo El Marques said...

Interesting version. So next chapter: 'toy' tree search ... or bottle brush ;-)
Thanks Tony.
Great article, as usual.