Wednesday 8 August 2012

Prussian Church from Grand Manner

This week I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my models featured on The Miniatures Page and the Perry Miniatures site. The building - The Prussian Church is available from Grand Manner as a resin casting. The model in the first image was expertly painted by Dave Bodley at Grand Manner.

The model is a copy of a church rebuilt at the German out-door museum Hessen Park.

Image used with permission of Perry Miniatures

The master was constructed out of a wide variety of different materials and was a joy to make. I tried to copy the original as accurately as possible. The model features a complete and detailed interior and two varieties of tower domes. The original church was painted in a White plaster and almost Blood Red timber finish with a Blue/Grey tiled roof.

It has been some time since I have modelled a building that gave me so much satisfaction.


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PaintPig said...

Stopped by Grand manner, damn fine piece of work ol'boy.