Sunday 5 August 2012

Thor-Modelling Blog

No pictures this time but instead, an inspirational link that I recently stumbles across.

I came across this Blog earlier in the week and have spent ages scanning through the images of finished models and fantastic scratch-built terrain. Once you get over the poor English translations (the Blog is written in Thai) the tutorials show some inspirational work-in-progress. Another plus are the list of links down the right hand side;
Artists Blogs, Artists Web sites - fantastic modelling sites.
Artists Historical and Military Figures.
Artists Miniature Wargames.
Thai Modelling Sites.
Reference walkarounds

If you have time check out this Blog and treat yourself to some stunning modelling.



Tea in Thailand said...

Is this a hint that there *are* modellers in Thailand and that if I looked hard enough I could find you some Thai magazines?! :P xx

Mojo said...

Thanks for the hint!
Thor's page is indeed awesome!