Sunday 12 August 2012

Khmer War Galley and War Canoe for The Garden of Kama

Earlier today over on The Lead Adventure Forum, I spotted that both the War Galley and War Canoe have now been cast up.  The two models were built by me as 'blanks' for added prow and stern detailing to be added later and therefore offering a choice of originals. For full details go to this post.

Both images taken from the Lohwand Blog

I sculpted (or more accurately modelled) these boats some time ago and will be interested in seeing the sculpted dragon detail added to these sleek vessels.

The War Galley is 12 inches long while the War Canoe is 8 inches long.

Once I have more images I will post links.


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MadWelshWizard said...

They are awesome !!!

I'd love to see some war canoes painted up for my Flintloque Maw-Ri with a bunch of converted/painted To-Tanum on :)