Monday 20 August 2012

Farmhouse with Thatched Roof from Grand Manner

Another week and another new model from Grand Manner. This time a large Prussian or Napoleonic Europe Farmhouse, ideal for Napoleonic battles. The master for the main Farmhouse and the Gateway were built by me some time ago and have only recently been produced in resin. My original model has a thatched roof on the main Farmhouse and a tiled roof on the Gateway. Dave Bodley has produced a variant with a tiled and dormer roof, as well as a new Walled Garden. The two original models, although stand alone terrain pieces were always intended to be used together, as illustrated here.

For Full details go to this page and see all the variants. I look forward to seeing the first painted examples.

The original is based on a large Farmhouse/Gatehouse at Hessen Park, Germany and features the iconic 'Hessen Man', close studded timber framing of Eastern Germany. Both structures have full internal detailing and lift off roofs.


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